About C.L.I.F.

CLIF is committed to promoting community with a sense of responsibility. CLIF seeks to find opportunities to better the St. Juliana's community and asks for nothing in return.The future is built through our children.

about us

Current Members

  • Michael Betance
  • ​Jeff Murphy
  • Tyler Bohn
  • Joe LeVecke
  • Mike Naudin

  • Vitas Rugienius
  • Ryan Kennedy

  • Vic Gonzalez

  • Tim Cecil

  • ​Leon Villanueva
  • Eric Walters
  • Nick Elms
  • ​Felix Metoyer


Legacy members

  • Jon Hawkins
  • Rick Price
  • Roy Hollister
  • Pete Gray
  • Ed Sigenfuse
  • John Sarni
  • Steve Farrell
  • Vincent Cortes